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Merk: Miele
€ 4.399,-€ 3.871,-

  • Materiaal:Overige materialen
  • Kleur:Overige kleuren
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This top-of-the-range steam combination oven brings you the speed and health benefits of steam cooking alongside the full range of conventional oven functionality. Its unparalleled versatility, striking design and host of convenient features makes it an indispensable addition to any kitchen, and you’ll notice the difference in the quality of your cooking. Easily operated using sleek M Touch controls, this model features an impressive motorised lift-up fascia panel. Its steam functions are powered by our MultiSteam feature, which injects steam into the oven cavity via eight separate steam inlets for even steam and temperature distribution and rapid cook times. With nine cooking functions, including three that use the grill, it’s designed for maximum flexibility while achieving professional-level cooking results. Its Automatic and customisable User Programmes do the hard work for you by working out optimum cooking durations and temperatures for your favourite dishes, while Menu Cooking allows you to cook entire meals in one go, without worrying about cross-contamination of flavours. You can look forward to perfectly cooked meat, fish and poultry with its clever Wireless Food Probe, which monitors core temperatures and adjusts oven settings for the best results. For added convenience, this larger-capacity steam combination oven model is plumbed into your mains water supply, meaning that its water intake and drainage functions are automatic and you won’t need to fill and empty the water container before or after use. What’s more, it has been crafted from the finest quality materials and tested to last 20 years, so you’ll be able to rely on it to produce mouthwatering food, quickly and conveniently, for many years to come.