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Gebreide katoenen sjaals - Teal

Gebreide katoenen sjaals - Teal
Merk: Studio Myr
€ 95,-

  • Materiaal:Overige materialen
  • Kleur:Overige kleuren
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Artikel informatie

ELEMENTS Organic Patterns Scarf, part of the limited collection of one-of-a-kind scarfs, has been knitted on a manual operating knitting machine in a surprising combination of contemporary tribal patterns and classical colors of 100% mercerized cotton. This first class yarn provides the scarfs of a beautiful silky appearance, but has all the benefits of cotton. The scarfs are both sturdy and refined, an ideal accessory in all seasons. It keeps you warm on a chilly day in spring, on a windy summer evening, in fall and winter. Wear them in combination with a sweater or jacket for a more casual look. Each scarf is unique. By mixing the two colors of the 6 thin threads ad random, the pattern occurs sometimes bright, sometimes faded, as if it has been eroded by the elements. There are 6 variations: Tael, Brick, Rock, Rust, Wood and Marl.Carefully sewn together by hand.Wash at 60 degrees. Iron hot.